What is the Apache Secure Webserver? Apache is a freely available Web server that is distributed under an "Open Source" licence. Version 2.2 runs on most Unix-based operating systems (such as Linux, Solaris, Digital UNIX, and AIX), on other UNIX/POSIX-derived systems (such as Rhapsody, BeOS, and BS2000/OSD), on AmigaOS and on Windows 2000.
In- demand skills: It is the most popular web server on the internet since 1996; more than 70% of all the websites use Apache. (Source: www.Netcraft.com) Webmasters, Web Administrators and System Administrators stand to gain significantly from skills and knowledge related to Apache.
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IIHT’s training program covers all aspects of Apache Webserver and ensures expertise in installing, configuring, securing and managing the web server.
Apache related operations in a Linux, Windows and all other operating systems are covered in this course.
Our training program is designed to be instructor-led while
facilitated at a pace that is comfortable for the group, with
extensive hands-on training that ensures sound fundamentals
and practical knowledge.
Certified instructors Advanced lab-based training
Comprehensive Tutorials Comfortable pace
Duration: 1 month
Introduction & Basic Apache Configuration
Apache Virtual Hosts
CGI & Server Side Security
Database Backends
Apache Customization through modules
Security & Authentication
Advanced security with SSL
Network Security
Privacy Policy