Hardware and Networking Careers, then why train for concepts in Electronics? Computing itself has been made possible by advancements in electronics. To be a computer hardware and/or networking expert, you do need to be conceptually aware of the basics of electronics - especially if you are not from a related engineering or technical background.
The driving force behind computers and computer networks is the electronic circuitry, the associated devices and the various inventions that have evolved around it.
Where does it all help? As a computer hardware professional, you will have to ensure the smooth functioning of computers, specialized “server” computers, add or upgrade computer components, manage networking devices such as routers and switches. Each of these devices are powered by an electrical source and function through complex electronic circuitry with devices such as Diodes, Transistors, Gates, ICs functioning in tandem. You may need to find out the electrical power requirements for setting up 24*7 network; be comfortable with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) setup and similar electronics related activities. We prepare you for these and a lot more – to setup your foundation in computer hardware and networking.
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Training alliances with HP, Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, CompTIA, SCO-Caldera, Apple
180+ Centers Pan-India
Careers & Certification, not just training
Assured Placements: National & Local Divisions
EL+ is the foundation course to get ready for the industry renowned A+ Certification curriculum from CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association). A+ certification marks a confirmed entry into the field of Hardware and networking.
EL+ covers well-paced classroom training, real-world scenarios, hands-on experience and is conducted in exclusive, State-of-the-art labs to ensure strong concepts and practical knowledge.
Certified instructors Advanced lab-based training
Comprehensive Tutorials Comfortable pace
Duration: 1 month
Basics of electronics
Electrical Circuit theory
Resistor Connections
DC Circuits
Inductor & Capacitor
Alternating current
Electronic instruments
Semiconductor Physics
Semiconductor Diode
Bipolar Junction Transistor
Transistor Biasing
Modulation and Demodulation
Field Effect Transistors
Other Two Terminal Devices
Transformer Number Systems
Binary Arithmetic
Boolean Algebra
Karnaugh Mapping
Decoders & Encoders
TTL Circuit Theory
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