Linux Operating System: Linux is a Unix-like operating system that was designed to provide personal computer users a free or very low-cost operating system comparable to traditional and usually more expensive Unix systems. Linux has proven to be a very efficient, stable and fast-performing system.
What is Linux Shell programming? It is useful for automating everyday tasks on Linux such as issuing commands, starting processes, controlling jobs, redirecting input and output and similar operations.

In-demand skills: According to IDC (, a leading IT research consultancy, the worldwide Linux market share within the Web server environment stands is 41% and is slated to grow further. Linux Shell programming is especially popular with Linux administrators and system administrators. It is also very helpful to programmers, database administrators and CGI programmers
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180+ Centers Pan-India
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IIHT's Course covers all aspects Of Linux Shell programming and Scripting.
Expertise with Linux scripting also enables trainees to develop fundamentals about scripting in different versions of Unix and Linux.
Our course is designed for professionals who are working as system administrators in the Linux and Unix environments and want to enhance their skillsets.
Certified instructors Advanced lab-based training
Comprehensive Tutorials Comfortable pace
Duration: 1 month
Tools & Methods for Developing C Programs for Linux
Shell Programming Essentials
Version Control
Compiling, Linking & debugging
Linux Standards and Compliance
File Access System Calls & 1/10
Programming File and Directory System Services
Processes Management & Creation
Signals, Signal Handlers & Alarms
Inter-Process Communication (shared memory, semaphores, messages)
Threads & Semaphores
Pipes & FIFOs
Shared Memory
Message Queues & Sockets
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