Sun Solaris 10: The Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is the foundation on which some of the world's leading corporations are built. Solaris 10 is the most recent version of Solaris and Offers high levels of reliability, scalability and security. Solaris systems meet today's demands while anticipating tomorrow's innovation. Solaris powers 43 of the Fortune 100 company websites, the highest among all other competing Operating systems. (Source: Netcraft).
In-demand Skills: Within a year of its initial release, Solaris 10 has set 57 performance and price/performance world records. 10 of the top 11 global retailers, 7 of the top 8 global financial service companies and all of the top 5 manufacturing & IT corporations have registered licenses of the free and open source Solaris 10. (Source: This in itself is an indicator of the growing demand and career opportunities possible with skills and knowledge of Sun Solaris 10. SCSA (Sun Certified Systems Administrator) certified professionals (SCSA is the entry-level certification for Solaris 10) command a median annual salary of Rs. 5.2 Lac. (excluding bonuses) with the payscale rising to Rs. 10 Lac. with seniority and experience.
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180+ Centers Pan-India
Careers & Certification, not just training
Assured Placements: National & Local Divisions
IIHT’s intensive, hands-on 3-month long course ensures
expertise in with Sun Solaris 10. It prepares you for
the following Certifications
- SCSA (Sun Certified Systems Administrator)
- Some modules of SCNA (Sun Certified Network Administrator)
The course is especially beneficial for gaining expertise as
systems administrator or network administrator on sun-based platforms
Our training program is designed to be instructor-led while
facilitated at a pace that is comfortable for the group, with
extensive hands-on training that ensures sound fundamentals
and practical knowledge.
Certified instructors Advanced lab-based training
Comprehensive Tutorials Comfortable pace
Duration: 3 month
Intermediate Systems Aministration for Solaris 10 Operating Systems (SA200)
Installing the Solaris 10 Operating System
Intraducing the Solaris10 OS Directory Hierarchy
Managing Local Disk Devices
Managing Solaris OS File Systems
Performing Mounts & Unmounts
Performing Solaris 10 OS Package Administration
Managing Software Patches on the Solaris 10 OS
Executing Boot & Shutdown Procedures
Performing User Administration
Performing System Security
Configuring & Using Printer Services
Controlling System Processes
Performing File Systems Backup
Performing File Systems Restores
Backing Up a Mounted File Systems With a UFS Snapshot
Advanced Systems Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System (SA202)
Describing Interface Configration
Describing the Client-Server Model
Customizing the Solaris management Console
Managing Swap Configuration
Managing Crash Dumps and Core Files
Configuring NFS
Configuring AutoFS
Describing RAID & the Solaris Volume Manager Software
Configuring Rlle - Based Access Control (RBAC)
Configuring System Messaging
Using Name Service Clients
Configuring the Network Information Services (NIS)
Introduction Of Zones
Describing the Custom JumpStart Configurations
Performing a Flash Installation
Network Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System (SA300)
Introducing the TCP/ IP Model
Introducing LANs & their Components
Describing Ethernet Interfaces
Describing ARP & RARP
Configuring IP
Configuring IP NEtwork Multipathing
Configuring Routing
Configuring IPv6
Describing the Transport Layer
Configuring DNS
Configuring DHCP
Configuring NTP
Configuring the Solaris IP FilterFirewall
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