What is CWNA? The CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) certification indicates complete foundation of knowledge for entering into and advancing in the wireless networking industry. It is an entry level wireless LAN (Local Area Network) certification and a demonstrated proof of skills in administering wireless LANs for corporate networks.
Wireless Networking Careers: Wireless networking is triggering the next big wave of advancements and growth in IT. In India alone the wireless networking market is predicted to grow from the current Rs. 170 Crores to exceed Rs. 2,960 Crores by 2012 (Annual growth rate of 61.4%, Source: http://www.wifialliance.com). This has resulted in an increasing demand for wireless networking specialists/engineers. CWNA certification is a proven career differentiator for aspirants of this industry.
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180+ Centers Pan-India
Careers & Certification, not just training
Assured Placements: National & Local Divisions
International certification that validates your knowledge, skills and ability to successfully implement wireless solutions.
It is the first step towards CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional) certification.
Certified professionals gain access to newsletters and an extensive database of the latest answers, tips, troubleshooting solutions and also earn certification logo rights to identify and promote themselves as CWNAs.
Certified instructors Advanced lab-based training
Comprehensive Tutorials Comfortable pace
Duration: 20 Days
Organizations & Vendors
Wi-Fi Alliance
Standards & Applications
Radio Frequency Properties & Behavior
Spread Spectrum Technology
Wireless LANs
Wireless PANs
Wireless WANs
Access Points, Service sets & the Distribution System
Wireless Stations, Accessory Devices
Managing Cisco Routers using Router Management Center
Wireless Bridges & Workgroup Bridges
Antennas, Cables & Connectors
Amplifiers, Attenuators, Splitters
Authentication, Association & Roaming
Routers, Gateways, switches & VoWiFi
Security Mechanisms & Common Threats
Casual Eavesdropping
Privacy Policy